Domestic Battery, Aggravated Domestic Battery

Jail Cells Do Open!

Have you been charged with:

  • Domestic battery?
  • Aggravated Domestic Battery?

If you have been charged with domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery, a conviction will subject you to an order of protection, will stay on your record forever, will require that you undergo court ordered counseling and could result in jail or prison time.

I have successfully defended dozens of domestic battery cases by showing that the alleged abuse did not take place or by discrediting the state’s witnesses or by showing that the alleged victim was actually the aggressor and attacked my client and my client simply defended himself.

If you have been charged with domestic battery or aggravated domestic battery don’t go it alone in court. Get someone on your side with the experience and knowledge to defend and your rights.

While no reputable lawyer can or should promise you a specific outcome, I can make you this promise: no matter your situation or what you have been charged with, I will use my 30 years of experience and knowledge and I will aggressively defend you and your rights and work to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

If you have been arrested for a domestic battery case or aggravated domestic battery case call me and we will discuss your case, defenses that can be used and your options. I will give you honest and realistic answers to all your questions and explain how I can help you.

Remember, the right attorney can make the difference, call me, Adam Grosch, at 708-233-0758

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