Violent Crimes

Have you been charged with:

  • Armed robbery?
  • Aggravated battery?
  • Attempted murder?
  • Murder?
  • Arson?

In the area of criminal law, the most serious cases are those involving violent crimes. If a person is convicted of a violent crime, the penalties are severe and a person could face many years in prison.

I have been a lawyer for over two decades and in that time, I have tried over 100 violent crime cases including arson, armed robbery, aggravated battery, attempt murder and murder. Because of my experience, I know how to fight these cases by challenging and contesting illegal arrests, illegal interrogation methods, and by discrediting and showing the bias of the state witnesses.

Because of my experience, I know how to attack the investigation conducted by the police and state to show that their investigation is not worthy of belief. I know how to conduct the defense investigation to find evidence helpful to your or a loved one’s defense. Because I know how important your or a loved one’s liberty is, I will aggressively defend and fight for that liberty.

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